Beasts! Fantagraphics Print Set at Tiny Showcase

In celebration of the release of “Beasts!”, a Jacob Covey Fantagraphics book containing hundreds of drawings of mythological creatures by some of today’s greatest artists, Tiny Showcase has relesed an amazing 10 print set featuring work from some of the artists involved. Each one is a beautiful hand-crafted letterpress print, and each is in an edition of 100. Additionally, the set comes in a hand-crafted box. The set is $300. For more information, or to purchase, visit the Tiny Showcase page.

Some Highlights:

Souther Salazar:

Jesse LeDoux:

Kenneth Lavallee:

For more information on “Beasts!” the book, and to purchase, visit Fantagraphics.

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  1. hi! i found your site from forums. thanks for the info on the beasts book and print set – i wish i could afford the set, but i’ll have to settle for the book for now. keep it up; this blog is sweet!

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