Final Obey Chuck D Update with Details

Final details about the Obey Chuck D print have been revelead: The print will be released this Tuesday, February 20, and will be priced at $50. Unlike Obey’s normal edition size of 300, 400 of these will be produced. The print will be signed by Chuck D, Shepard Fairey, and Ernesto Yerena (an intern that collaborated with Shep on the illustration). Be fast.

2 Responses to “Final Obey Chuck D Update with Details”

  1. This print sold out FAST probably at the most it was up for 2 minutes. Does anyone else think this is kind of a mediocre design? I mean its cool Chuck D signed it, but having your intern illustrate something, come on! The last Public Enemy designs were way cooler than this! Dont get me wrong Obey does some really sweet designs but it feels like these days 1 in 10 of Obey’s silkscreen prints are a quality design. I wonder how much other “designers” do the art Shepard signs.

  2. Ernesto has much talent and some ______ like you probably can’t tell a great collaborator from a mediocre artist……

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