Les Rita Mitsouko Album Cover/Tour Poster by Emek

This image just surfaced of a new album cover and tour poster that Emek did for French pop duo Les Rita Mitsouko.  No word yet on the release of the poster, but there is some really great info about the band and the documentary being filmed about them over at Emek’s site.  More info to […]

Why you should never use UPS to ship a poster:

Examine the visual evidence.  This is what happened to a very, very strong Yazoo Mills tube that I received IN A BOX with other tubes.  UPS’ ability to destroy a tube never ceases to amaze me.

Buffmonster “Squirt” Prints

Recently, Buffmonster debuted some new prints at his Gallery 1988 show. These are some of his most affordable prints to date (only $40 each). Each color is a 20″ X 20″ signed/numbered screenprint, and 50 of each color exist. To buy these prints, either email or call Gallery 1988 (323.937.7088). To view more great artwork […]

Brendan Monroe Limited Edition Mugs

Brendan Monroe continues his foray into unique merchandise with his newest offering, a super high-quality, limited edition mug.  They are green ink on bone china, and only 150 of these will be produced.  Check out these and more artwork at Brendanmonroe.com.

New Dave Kinsey Prints

3 new Kinsey prints just went up for sale, and they are some of his best work yet.  Grab these quick, as his work has been selling out faster and faster.  To buy any of the prints, visit the Kinsey Visual site. Climbing Trap – Cream 24 x 18″ 3-color screenprint Signed & numbered edition […]

Adult Swim X Def Jux “Definitive Swim”

Totally not poster related, but thought I’d share anyway.  Adult Swim just posted Definitive Swim, their exclusive album by artists on the Definitive Jux label (Aesop Rock, El-P, Cannibal Ox, etc).  It is up for free download, artwork and all.  Don’t know how long this is up, so grab it while you can.  Click Here

Sneak Peek: Dunny Tattoo Series

This picture has been floating around the internet of the yet to be released (or announced) Kidrobot Tattoo Dunny series.  No word yet on the designers, but expect to see some of today’s most famous tattoo artists involved.  More info to come…

More new Ferg art prints

More art print domination by Ferg.  The black/red is an edition of 20, the green/purple is an edition of 13.  As always, email Ferg about availability.

Daniel Danger “Ghost Ship”: Finished Product

Well, the “Ghost Ship” prints by Daniel Danger are finished. They ended up being 13 colors. These will go onsale on his site this weekend or early next week, stay tuned to this site for more info. In the meantime, here are some pictures of the finished product: A swatch of the 13 colors:

New Obey Print: Peace Goddess

Here is a peek at the new Obey print that will go on sale tomorrow.  It is called “Peace Goddess.”  Also, Obey will change to their new “one print per person” policy tomorrow, so be forwarned.  Same time, same place.  Visit the Obey site Tuesday afternoon.

Kidrobot Clothing Sale!

As we speak, Kidrobot is having a giant clothing sale.  Hoodies are $20-30 (normally $80-90), tees are $10 (normally $30), and there are all kinds of other great deals.  The site has been going in and out of functionality, but if you want anything, you’d better hurry!  Click here.

Upper Playground “Midieval” Shirt by Aaron Horkey

Just ran across this, and it rules. Aaron Horkey rarely does clothing designs, and when he does they disappear FAST. Don’t miss this new design for Upper Playground entitled “Midieval”. These are available at Upper Playground, and East West.

Upper Playground Artist Furniture

Upper Playground has begun commssioning some mind-blowing custom furniture, and they have gotten some of today’s best artists to participate. Here are a few of the new pieces. These are probalby far too expensive for 99% of America to buy, but they are damn nice to look at. David Choe: Sam Flores: Jeremy Fish: This […]

Ox-Op Series 3 Qees

At the beginning of March, Ox-Op Gallery in Minneapolis will drop their new series of the popular 2.5″ Qee. There are a number of impressive artists involved, so these are sure to be a sucess. It’s good to see artists normally known for prints/posters involved in this, (i.e. Aaron Horkey and Aesthetic Apparatus), as well […]

Shawnimals Show and New Plush

Shawnimals Smith, most famous for developing the Wee Ninja plush, will be having a show next month at Rotofugi in Chicago.  The show is called “Totally Radish”, and the opening is on March 2 at 7pm.  Shawn will be showing and selling paintings, sculptures, t-shirts, plush, buttons, etc.  If you are nice, he might even […]